Payment Methods

Dear users and customers, it is a pleasure to inform you that our new website provides the SSL certificate for all payments and operations as you can see in our url: https: //

SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer". Definition SSL, Secure Sockets Layer is a protocol designed to enable applications to transmit information back and safely back way. Applications that use the Secure Sockets Layer protocol does know how to give and receive encryption keys with other applications, as well as how to encrypt and decrypt data sent between the two.

How does SSL work? Some applications that are configured to run SSL include web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, mail programs such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple, and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) programs, etc. These programs are able to receive SSL connections automatically.

Also these are all our payment options for your booking:

  • By deposit or bank transfer to our accounts in Bancolombia Davivienda or from a bank branch, ATM or atm Smartphone application.
  • Éxito, Carulla or payment services as Efecty or Baloto (for lower payments to $ 500,000 pesos).
  • Paypal taking an extra cost of 7%. You only need to have a Paypal account or open very easily.
  • With Western Union the name and identity card number is only necessary
  • From Colombia to another country you can also make your payment via the Internet through the PSE button. This service has a cost of 6% of the total transaction.
  • PSE means "Payment Insurance Online" This service allows us to offer our customers the ability to make payments, debiting the online resources of the bank where the customer has his money and depositing in our business bank accounts DAVIVIENDA or BANCOLOMBIA.

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